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Need Some Blog Ideas?

Not Sure What to Write About?

You’re not alone. When I started blogging, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go with my blog. I began just posting about random things, mostly things only I thought were funny. I’d put a video from YouTube on my blog every once in a while, and I thought I was off to a good start, and I was.

But I soon began to realize that my blog was going nowhere, my posts were getting similar,

and I needed some new “blog ideas.” Sure I was blogging, but I knew that if I actually wanted to build an audience outside of my 10 friends, I needed to do something different. I then got interested in finding out how the best blogs become the best blogs.

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I started reading articles and visiting some of the most popular blogs on the Internet, gathering blog ideas along the way…and it clicked. I realized that if I wanted my blog to be something, I had to first pick a niche. Instead of just writing about whatever, I needed to write several things around a central idea or niche.

How to Pick a Niche?

Easy…follow the rule of 3!

1. Pick something that you are passionate about. Don’t just pick a niche because you think it will make you money. If money is driving you, you’re setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. If passion is driving you, you’re on the path to success. If you write with passion, it will come through to the reader. There’s no substitute to good passionate content. And if you have a niche that you are passionate about, it’s rather easy to write passionately about it. Ask yourself, what would I blog about if I were set (financially) for life? Whatever the answer to that question is, that’s what you should be blogging about.

2. Pick something where you have some significant expertise. Now you don’t have to be a well-known “expert” or anything, just make sure that you are knowledgeable about your subject. If you don’t know what you’re writing about, how do you expect your readers to? Don’t try to fake anything, and don’t try to be someone you are not, it won‘t pay off. Be real. Write about something YOU know a lot about. Share personal experiences, stories, and pictures with your readers, and they’ll love it. Most importantly, write for humans and not computers.

3. Make sure it’s a big enough niche that you can build significant traffic. This is number 3 because it’s the least significant of the 3. However, it is still important. If you want your blog to blossom into more than a personal diary or collection of random thoughts as mine was, you need to get people to your blog. The niche you choose has a lot to do with who will see and visit your blog. If you pick something too small, such as your home town’s fall festival, nobody is going to see your blog. But if you pick something such as your favorite Caribbean vacation spot, chances are other people are interested in it.

Still Having Trouble Picking a Niche?

Perhaps one or two of these blog ideas will spark your interest and get you moving in the right direction. Keep in mind these blog ideas are very general and remember to pick something you’re passionate about.

Political blog
On news, activism, scandals, and other issues (such as campaigning).

Celebrity blog
On the latest gossip, break-ups, and pregnancies.

Travel blog
With focus on a traveler's stories on a particular journey or vacation.

Sports blog
On your favorite teams and athletes.

Real Estate blog
On trends in the industry, new properties, jobs, etc..

Music blog
On the latest happenings in the music industry. Tour dates, album release, etc..

Health blog
On specific health issues including dieting, new drugs, etc..

Legal blog
On law (technical areas) and legal affairs.

Religious blog
On religious topics, the bible, different religions, etc..

Business blog
Used by entrepreneurs and corporate employees to promote their businesses or talk about their work.

In addition to blog ideas, there are also many opportunities on the Internet to make money doing business. Check out this top ten list for some ideas. Also, if you need some help with HTML language to enhance your blog, or just want to know more about HTML and how it all works, check out my tutorial on Basic HTML.

If you already have a niche and are interested in finding out how to make money with your blog, click here.


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