Basic Blog HTML Language

If you aren’t familiar with blog HTML language…don’t worry. Most blog hosting sites don’t require their users to know anything about HTML, but if you want to see how a couple things here and there can allow you to tweak your template and make better posts…read on.

HTML can be confusing, but I’m not here to confuse you. That’s why I am going to stick to the most common and basic HTML codes that bloggers tend to use. First off, it is important to understand that HTML commands are enclosed in brackets < >. Anytime you begin a command, you must start it with the command enclosed in brackets < >, and end it by typing the name of the command again preceded by a slash< / >.

For example, the hyperlink command is "a." A hyperlink is begun by typing < a > and ended by typing < /a >. In this example, < a > is called the start tag, and < /a > is the end tag. If you got that, lets move on to a simple list of the very minimal amount of blog HTML language you may want to know while blogging:

b makes text boldBold Text
strongmakes text boldBold Text
imakes text italicItalic Text
emmakes text italicItalic Text
uunderlines textUnderlined Text
centercenters image or text
Centered Text
font size=+1 changes font sizeLarge Text
font color="#FF0000"changes text colorRed Text
font face="Impact"changes font type Impact Font
brbreak, new lineLine 1
Line 2
a href="LinkURL" textmakes text a
target="_blank"opens text link in a new
img src="ImageURL" alt="Text" border=0adds a pictureHere is the text display when the Image not load yet

3 Things To Keep In Mind

1) You can increase the size of the font by increasing the number (+1). The bigger the number, the bigger the text will be.

2) More than one tag together can be used together.

3) Remember to start every code with < > end every code with < / >.

HTML is fun isn’t it? Maybe it’s just me. Well I hope that wasn’t too confusing, but if you don’t understand anything or want to know another code, please let me know.


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